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How To Make Money With 'Fortnite Battle Royale'

Have income from a game or make money with Fortnite ? That is of course ideal if you are a fanatic gamer and certainly if Fortnite is one of your favorite games to play. But how can you actually earn money with it?

It seems almost too good to be true to earn money in this way. Nothing turns out to be less true and I will explain that exactly in this article.

How can you make money with Fortnite?

Making money with Fortnite is not that complicated. If you are a good gamer you can become a coach yourself to help other people who want to become good at the game. First some information about the game itself.

What does the game entail?

Fortnite is a game developed by Epic games and People Can Fly. It is available for various platforms so that it can be played by many people on different devices.

Since 2018 there is also a mobile version of the game available so that it can also be played on Android devices. It is a game that can be downloaded and played online with many players simultaneously.

The game has different seasons that are constantly being developed. Battle Royale game mode

The game consists of two game modes that are clearly distinguishable. You can choose the Battle Royale mode in which you compete against one another with a hundred players.

You can only do this but it also happens with teams in which more players compete together. The principle behind this mode is that the last one to win wins.

You play against another where you as a participant are dropped on an island with a maximum of 100 players in total. A big storm is raging on the island where you are dropped, making the safe space smaller and smaller.

This means that you as players always meet each other. You can protect yourself by collecting building materials and building a defense with them. Are you the last person left on the island? Then you have won the game.

Save the World game mode

If you choose the Save the World mode, you will fight as a gamer against a host of hostile creatures. In this mode you shoot as a gamer at monsters that seriously threaten the world and the population.

This version can only be played with a team of up to four players. Originally this version could only be played for a fee but with the final version of the complete game (around the end of 2018) a free version of it was also promised.

With the paid version you can choose to purchase currency yourself to upgrade the game.

Income for the developers

Fortnite is an extremely popular game that is played by millions of players in the world. If you choose to participate in the paid version, you can verify that the makers of the game achieve a million turnover that only increases.

The creators of the game earn their income primarily because you can purchase skins for which you pay as a gamer. These are intended to provide the character that you play as a gamer with a new look.

The game is free to play on most platforms but on some you do pay for participation. You can find which platforms these are online.

Competition in which you can earn money

A Fortnite competition has been set out for the 2018-2019 season with which you as a participant can also earn money. This means not only that you earn virtual money but also in reality. $ 100,000,000 has been made available as prize money.

If you decide to participate in the competition as a good gamer, you certainly have a chance to earn a nice sum of money.

So if you are a real gamer who is addicted to this game, you can definitely take a gamble and try to earn some nice income with it.

Become a trainer / coach and start earning money with Fortnite

To make good money with Fortnite you definitely have to practice a lot and be a good player. You become this by often participating in the game.

To be able to earn real money with it, you can become a trainer / coach via the Bidvine website. If that is you, you can make yourself available as a trainer for gamers who want to learn how to play the game better in Battle Royale mode.

The gamers will pay you around 30 euros per hour for that, so that is easily earned. You can only become a trainer if you have achieved a Victory Royale at least 25 times.

This means that you yourself have won 25 times the victory and were the last to remain on the stormy island. With so many wins you can of course be called a good gamer.

If there are people who would like to be just as good as you, they pay well for this. As a gamer you can also turn your hobby into your work.

Why is the game so popular?

Because Fortnite is extremely popular with gamers, the game also has so many participants and you can earn good money if you are one of the best at it. But why is the game actually so popular among gamers? There are several reasons for this.

Play games with friends

First, you can play the game with more people at the same time. This means that you can compete against other players worldwide, but what's even better is that you can do this together with friends because you play in teams.

These consist of a maximum of four people, so you can always put together a good team yourself.

Participation is free

The next reason why the game is so popular is that participation in it is free. Now, not every game that is free is by definition popular, but it can contribute to it becoming this.

Moreover, it is a good quality game that makes it popular too. In principle, it is because of the necessary violence that occurs in it for players from the age of 12, but in practice it is also played by younger players.

Accessible to all

Fortnite is a game that is accessible to everyone. You will quickly master the basics of the game so that you can quickly start playing. Because it is not difficult to participate, it can also be called a popular game

Plenty of updates

Fortnite is also a game that is constantly being updated. Its creators are fully engaged in the development of the game but also let the gamers know via social media.

As a gamer, you know that and when an update is coming and what you can expect from the game in the coming period.

The same for everyone

Finally, the makers of Fortnite ensure that the game can be played just as well for gamers who do not pay for it as for players who do put in money to, for example, buy a new outfit.

Even if you do not do that and you play for free, the game does not diminish and you still have the same chance of winning.

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